Shaldon Zoo – Shaldon – 2.3 miles

Shaldon Zoo – Shaldon – 2.3 miles

Shaldon Zoo

Shaldon Wildlife Trust, Devon TQ14 OHP, 01626 872234

Shaldon Wildlife Trust, situated in the beautiful village of Shaldon in Devon, England, is a notable conservation center established in 2003. It’s known for its commitment to the protection and preservation of endangered species from around the world. This wildlife sanctuary, nestled in an acre of woodland garden, is a haven for a variety of animals, and it specializes particularly in the conservation of endangered primates.

The Trust is home to over 200 animals representing 40 different species, offering a diverse range of educational programs and conservation initiatives. One of its standout features is the Lemur Wood, where visitors can observe these intriguing animals in a setting that mimics their natural habitat. Additionally, Shaldon Wildlife Trust is actively involved in international breeding programs, contributing significantly to global conservation efforts.

Education is a key focus, with the Trust engaging in various initiatives, including school visits and outreach programs. These efforts are aimed at inspiring the next generation of conservationists and fostering an appreciation for the natural world. The success and operation of the Trust heavily rely on the support of dedicated volunteers and donors, emphasizing the importance of community involvement in conservation efforts.

Visitors to Shaldon Wildlife Trust can expect an enriching and educational experience, gaining insight into the lives of the animals and the critical conservation work being done. The Trust not only provides a sanctuary for animals but also plays a vital role in research projects to further understand and protect endangered species.

In summary, Shaldon Wildlife Trust offers a unique opportunity for visitors to connect with nature, learn about rare and endangered species, and support important conservation efforts. It’s a destination that promises to be both educational and memorable for nature enthusiasts and animal lovers of all ages.